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Jock Itch In Women

Jock itch in women is one type of skin infection caused by fungus. It usually manifests and affects the following areas: buttocks, genitals, inner thighs, anal region, and can even spread to other parts of the body in severe cases, or when one fails to get the necessary treatment.

Factors That Trigger

The primary cause of this type of skin infection is Tinea Cruris - the fungus classified under ringworm. In its initial stages, the infection appears as itchy rashes on the affected skin. As it develops, the itchy rashes become raised, more reddish in color, with scaly edges. Lesions can occur with excessive scratching due to the itch or from the friction caused by the rubbing of the affected inner thighs against each other.

Several factors trigger jock itch; the major ones are the following:

• heat and humidity

• tight underwear made from synthetic materials

• damp skin creases due to either excess weight or too much sweating

• weak immune system that makes one susceptible to infections and skin diseases

• contact with the fungus that causes the infection as it is spread through the skin pores

How To Identify

To identify jock itch in women, be aware of the following signs and symptoms:

• presence of itchy red rashes on the skin particularly in the folds. The rashes appear flat on the inner area but are raised on the outer area with sharp and scaly edges;

• in advanced stages, you may see the formation of blisters and skin breakdown that may be accompanied by pain and discomfort.

How To Handle

The most common treatment to the skin disorder is to apply anti-fungal ointment or cream for two weeks at the most. It can be extended for another week to relieve the symptoms of the infection. However, you have to understand that ointments or creams are effective only for mild infection, and may not be able to actually address the skin infection at its underlying causes.

The most effective treatment is one that will get rid not only of the symptoms of the skin disorder but also of the causes. The most basic natural treatment is to observe proper hygiene and to make sure that you clean and dry your body. This will deny the fungus the environment it needs to thrive and spread. You should also wear loose clothing and underwear made from cotton.

To treat jock itch in women from the inside resulting to long lasting freedom from the skin disorder, improve your eating habits. Minimize or refrain from eating food with sugar, yeasts, as well as refined carbohydrates. Eat more of raw vegetables and fruits.

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